Polish Youth Groups Brisbane

Our Polish youth groups Brisbane are the life blood of our community and are critical components in our succession planning for the future. We are truly blessed to have so many talented community leaders who dedicate their time freely to running youth organisations and thereby engendering a genuine love of all aspects of Polish culture through the activities offered.

Within our vibrant Polish community, we have a very strong Polish Scouting movement comprising cubs, boy scouts and girls guides as well as male and female venturers. Our scouts enjoy regular camping experiences throughout the year.

There is a Polish language school every Saturday morning as well as adult language classes that occur week nights in the club itself.

We are lucky to have three folk dance groups, each targeting different age brackets. Every three years, our dance groups have the opportunity to attend a national Polish arts festival called “PolArt”, the biggest Polish festival outside of Poland!


“Obertas” was formed in early 1982 and has taught its members, young and old, past and present, the basics of Polish folkloric dance as the foundation for a vast repertoire of songs and dances from a diverse range of Polish regions.


“Wisła” (pronounced Vee-swah) is a Brisbane-based dance group sharing the vibrant colour and traditions of Polish culture with communities locally and beyond.

Mały Brisbane

With fun and games, we will learn about traditional Polish folk dances and songs and practice the basic elements of rhythm and coordination.

Brisbane Polish Scouts

ZHP Pomorze – Brisbane Polish Scouts is part of the Polish Scouting Association in Australia.

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