Containers for Change


Did you know you can help Polonia and save the planet?

“Containers for Change” (see: allows you to deposit your empty eligible containers and key our Scheme ID so that the funds will go directly into our Donations Account with the Westpac Bank.

“Polonia” Scheme ID. C10480616

• Input the code on the screen before starting to feed the empty containers.
• Funds will be directly banked into our Donations Account.
• iPhone users and Android users can save our Scheme ID (C10480616) to their mobile wallet.
• If you don’t have WalletPasses installed or Apple Wallet installed, you will need to download it from the Play Store or App Store.

Thank you for generously supporting “Polonia”

Leadership & Community Involvement

This fundraising initiative for “Polonia” was spearheaded by emerging young leaders of our community.

Polish Market Day

The perfect opportunity to experience our community and stock up on all your favourite essentials. Enjoy a krański in our outside garden

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